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the answer of all question

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the answer of all question

Post  duckster on Sat 24 Jan 2009, 07:08


The thread is cool, don't get me wrong.
What bothers me is that when someone is looking for a little advice about what radio set to buy, there is always at least one or 2 guys that spouts off, "Buy Brand X over Brand Y. It has a faster latency!"

Funny thing is, most people in this hobby didn't know what latency was a little more than a year ago, now it's the first thing
someone brings up when someone else asks about what radio to buy.

Everyone is arguing about which is the better radio set. If one has a latency of 25ms and the other a latency of 20ms. That's a difference of 5ms. Does anyone honestly believe you'll feel feel a difference of 5ms?

Did you know that it takes a person about 250ms to blink an eye? With your natural senses, a human being has no way of measuring 5ms. Just remember that it takes a human being 50 times LONGER to blink one of their eyelids.

leaving the Futaba 9C out of the equation since it's an exceptional case, regardless of radio make & model, It's very unlikely you'll ever feel a difference.

To really put this in perspective, please try to blink your eyes at a rate of 200bps (blinks per second). That's if you were able to blink
once every 5ms.

So enough about latency already. I think it's moot.

2. 1024 VS 2048

This one goes along with radios also. But Resolution. 2048 vs 1024. Its just as ridiculous as the latency debate.
Next time you pick up your own radio transmitter, take a gimbal stick and moving it left to right and stop, making 1024 equal
increments. Yeah, you can't do it. If you can, which I doubt you can, you need to be one of those guys that paints little microscopic renaissance paintings on the head of a sewing pin.
For the guys who were just able to stop their stick in 1024 equal increments, now please try it again but this time,
making 2048 of them please.

I'm curious as to what percentage of those 2048 frames never even makes it to the servos, just based off of refresh rates or

Oh, and remind yourself that resolution is only as good as your servos.

I'd like to see some results of a "blind taste test" of identical setups w/ 1024 & 2048 res receivers.



All the hype this year are these new JR 8717 servo's and running them on unregulated 2s LiPo systems. They're not cheap either.
$140 per servo (price increase up from about $110 in the last few months)
These things are as fast as any tail servo, and have enough torque to pull a school bus carrying a high school football team.
Now they do have advantages, and that's a clean looking install.
If you're an average pilot, and by average pilot I mean 90% percent of you guys out there, you don't need them.
If you think you need them for piro flippin & rollin and tic toccing whatever, you're just a poser.

No one please try and sell me on the "Buy cheap, buy twice" spiel.
Have a good look at what the top pilots were competing with a year ago (summer 2007). They weren't using 8717's but whatever it is they were using, they sure looked damn good doing it!

For the amount of money you spend on a set of 3 8717's, you can get 3 totally decent servos plus a great gyro to boot.
Save your money.

All the hype about 8 Volt systems makes my ears bleed.
As if your servos didn't have (I say) too much speed & torque at 6V,
let's run 8V!

While your answer is, "run 8v because you can" someone else' answer is, "Oh man, you just gotta! You just gotta run 8V. You're stupid if you don't!"
----Thats where I reply, "Dude, please shut up."

"Dr.Ben" said this, and said it well.
Many of you were IRCHA.

Many of you watched Nick Maxwell fly.

I'll wager you'll agree he was among the best there. Indeed, he is amongst the best 3D pilots in the world. Period.

He flies BLS351's.................

.........on 5.6 volts.

So before you all decide that 8 volts is REALLY needed for YOU to fly well, first ask yourself why Nick doesn't seem to need it to fly as well as he does. Then reconsider whether the key to you really flying "off the hook" isn't running a 6V mfg rated servo at 8 volts, but, rather, simply burning a ton of fuel mixed with some God given talent.


Ben Minor

5. Moderate 3D/ Light 3D/ Mild 3D

WTF is "light 3D"? Is that a flip?

Here are some real examples.

(example 1): Some guy comes on the forums boasting, "Wow I just did my first 3D!!"
Turns out he has been flying for month, just learned to hover, and finally got the courage to flip his bird. "3D" he calls it.
Well, it's not 3D, it's a flip!

(example 2) Another guy calls himself a 3D pilot. What he means to say is he does a bunch of forward flight followed by a loop, going into a
stall turn, which he piro's 540 degrees. Thats not 3D.

(example 3) Here's another one. A guy says he does "moderate forward flight" what is that? Is Forward flight flying in a forward
direction and "moderate" being kinda-sorta flying in a forward direction, but not really? I'm confused.

Maybe all he can do is hover tail-in, in no other orientation. So he flies slowly forward, and walks behind it?
That's my best guess. Sounds "moderate" to me, yeah? I dunno.

Guys, there is no need for euphemisms here. If you're a rookie pilot, that's ok. You can tell guys you're just learning to hover!
Nothing to be ashamed about.
Hell, I'm a sport pilot and can't do a damn piro flip without the heli getting away from me! I'm not embarrassed!

Unless you have already established yourself as a two-gallon expert, there is no need to try and make yourself sound like a
better pilot than you actually are.

If you're curious what "3D" is when it comes to helicopters.


4 letter acronym, it means, Read The Freakin Manual!
There's some good information those manuals. It's so good, in fact, it actually justifies giving a person a job at such & such
company. When a guy comes and asks, "What needle settings should I start with for my OS engine?" you can let him know the answer
is in there. Sure it might be nice of you and less dickhead-ish to just tell him where your needles are set, but getting the guy
to open up a manual and read it, might teach him something else while he's there. You're only helping him out.

How do I bind my Spektrum to a new receiver?

How do I set up my gyro?

It's all in manual. I understand we're (mostly) all guys here and we've been "wingin" it sans-manual since the very first VCR's
but guys, there is good information in them things. It won't make someone smarter if they read a manual, just more educated.
But at least everyone else around you will think you're smarter.
Extreme 3D Flyer
Extreme 3D Flyer

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Re: the answer of all question

Post  AirforceWan on Fri 30 Jan 2009, 15:13


Latency.. why settle for 250ms when you can get 200ms? if same radio, same price, same everything except latency, one is faster than the other... which will you choose?

2. 1024 VS 2048

There is a difference.. y did alan szabo jnr have a specially made 2048 dx7? he couldve used 1024 but he didnt.


If you can afford 8717hv, y not? its faster and stronger.. author said a certain 3d masters used only bls351 on 5.6v.. well, he is sponsored by futaba.. im sure he has other brands on his other helis. faster servos open new opporturnities for new 3d moves.. and saving you from crashes.. im sure everybody had one crash or another where if he had had faster servo (and faster LATENCY) he couldve escape it.

5. Moderate 3D/ Light 3D/ Mild 3D

3d is 3 dimensional.. typical heli will fly 2d.. meaning forward and ups downs (relying on gravity for goin down).. 3d is where u add the inverted aspects into your flights, i.e. using the all the pitch range for movement.. becoz for most moves, pull of gravity is not enough..

as for the measurement, moderate, light and mild.. just imagine fried rice and a bottle of chilli sauce.. how hot you want it depends on how much you add the sauce.. same as 3d, how extreme depends on how many combos you can do non-stop.


4 letter acronym, it means, Read The Freakin Manual!

This one i agree.. but sometimes, the manual is lost or unclear.. example, is it in the manual saying that the 401 must be binded to the dsm2 in HH otherwise there will be a problem... how about, if there's no reverse switch on the gyro, u can flip it over? etc..

this are just my opinion.. just to prove other ppl are wrong...hahaha.. but think about them.

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