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Aurora, N9 or 700?

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Aurora, N9 or 700?

Post  AirforceWan on Sat 13 Dec 2008, 13:15

Copied from Helifreak forums...

The N9 is a very smooth helicopter that requires good power management to handle it's weight. It's fun to fly big but a little chunky to keep in a small area. The flybarless setup helps with this, but overall the helicopter is expensive for what you get. Chinese G10 frames and a lot of plastic. I'm not saying it doesn't work, but it requires SE or after market parts to bring it to the same level materials wise (Big $$) as the others and it will never be in the same weight class as the 700 or Aurora. .. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I feel at a bare minimum a hypersizer and replacement fan hub are required in addition to the kit. The other hyper or SE parts aren't required but I felt an improvement with every Hyper part put on. Metal mixing arms should be included in a $1000 kit. Also plan to get a starter extension with a one-way bearing since the start shaft is hard mounted to the engine. The N9 is probably the sexiest looking helicopter and the most durable.

The Aurora is beautiful components and materials, but still going through growing pains. It's unfortunate that the quality control and manufacturing haven't been figured out yet and he's focusing everything on his plastic 50 rather than see the Aurora and it's parts being distributed. It requires some serious care when building, and more than likely it will require some parts to be sent in to be swapped for decent parts. I'm sure this will change, but who knows when. I was more afraid of flying it than enjoying it.

The 700 is another Jason Krause design that's simple, uses decent materials, and has the best parts distribution to most areas and no one can deny the value. $788 with 2mm carbon frames, metal bearing blocks, 2 booms included, carbon tails (that are the right size), carbon paddles, painted light weight canopy, and a governor. The one-way is similar to the N9's, and like the Aurora uses a full metal head and grips. Some minor growing pains (crooked ball links) and not every part is on the shelves yet including main shafts, but it's the newest and I'm guessing these problems will be fixed within the month. Nearly 1 1/2 pounds lighter than the N9, and by FAR the simplest helicopter to build. I think the 700 is the best of both worlds. It's not as snappy as the Aurora, but follows through with the big stuff even though it's the lightest of the group. It's effortless to keep it in tight. It's the least expensive, but even if it was the most expensive it's a joy to fly.


I'm sorry to say YES I OWN ALL 3. IF you PM me I will give you all the details.
But to sum it up with out being partial not owning only one!!!!
The Aurora flies the best. (Bar none) 3D freak in Active Mode.... But way to hard to rebuild after a crash. (I have done it 2 times now)
Synergy's all have tail problems, Jim knows what I'm talking about!!!! Yes I have had tail problems also The lock ring on the Copper shaft sucks!!!! I'm working on something for all you guys.... The Synergy flies great and fast but needs a diet. (Like Me) but flies like its on rails. Supper smooth... If it was as light as the T-Rex 700 you will need to Watch out for this bird....
Trex 700 is the easiest build I have ever done (really no BS this thing went together in one night).... flies super good. Very fast cyclic out of the box. if your looking for a good 3D heli this is the one...Its a real people friendly heli and the parts are cheap. If your looking for a good flying heli and don't need the bling the 700 is the way to go.
I love flying a 3 and each one flies totally different.


CONCLUSION????? Get a 700

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