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The Futaba GY611 setup

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The Futaba GY611 setup

Post  niz on Thu 06 Nov 2008, 15:46

I have played with the 611 setup for some time now and basically found that the simple setup works the best for me.

1. Leave almost all of the menus at the stock setting (the default settings are in the book) except what is mentioned below.

2. Adjust your tail linkage so that your tail servo limit setting (last menu) is over 100% NOT under. Set the travel equally for both A & B at around 110% to 120%. Setting the limits under 100% can reduce the life of the servo.

3. Setup your radio however you like but make sure the gain on the first screen that shows up after the gyro initializes reads 35-37% MAX this is very important. The 611 will not wag until the gain is very high but if the gain is too high and you stop the tail very abruptly you may damage your heli. High Gain can also reduce the life of the tail servo.

4. 3D or FAI Mode? Try both modes see what you like. FAI mode tends to stop and start yaw/tail movements very precisely and crisp. 3D mode seems to add a little "softening" when the yaw/tail motion is stopped rapidly. 3D mode also can help make the pirouette rate more consistent while moving through fast flight.

I have flown every available gyro made today and the 611 by far has the best performance yet....enjoy it!


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