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Futaba GV-1 Governor Setup

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Futaba GV-1 Governor Setup

Post  niz on Thu 06 Nov 2008, 15:44

Futaba GV-1 Governor Setup

This is a list of all the function menus in the GV-1 next to each menu there is a brief description of what it's function is, tips, and my settings. The settings are just my opinion of what works well in most cases. Also just because you put a new little electronic box in your heli does not mean you have to constantly flip two or more new switches that you did have to touch before. This is just how I set mine up so that I didn't have to worry about switching anymore switches than I already have to. Also you can install the fastest throttle servo in the world and will have no effect on the performance of the GV-1. Make sure your throttle linkage is set so that your travel adjustment in the radio is very close for both up and down servo movement..

RPM = No settings, displays current rpm rotor or engine depends on disp mode.

MAX = No settings, displays the max rpm but only records after 95% throttle input from radio, I have not found this to be very useful function. But it may be very useful for testing of new equipment?

RSX = Displays the three speed settings s1,s2,and s3 you also make the rpm adjustments here I use my Idle up switch to change speeds. normal = 1450, idle 1 = 1700, idle 2 = 1750 you can use any speed you wish from 1000-2000 rotor rpm.

DISP = This is where you tell the GV-1 to display engine or rotor speed your selection effects all rpm display and setting menus.

GRT = If you are going to display rotor rpm (much easier) the governor needs to know the gear ratio, you make that adjustment here. 9.5=1 etc

SWPT = Your GV-1 has a switch that can turn it on or off in this menu you can reverse the switch. I suggest using a switch out of the way I do not use the on off switch, the next function takes care of that!

STSW = The "stick switch" is my favorite function, it allows you to turn the GV-1 on or off with the collective/throttle stick movement in normal flight mode. You can activate or inhibit this function here. The GV-1 sees when the trottle command from your radio is below 15% and it then turns off, go above that it turns on. Remember you must still have a V curve in idle up and with that the throttle command will never go near the 15% area so the GV-1 will not turn off in idle up. If for any reason the GV-1 fails you will be now using those old throttle curves so make sure you have a program to back up the governor just in case!

SWCD = No settings here just tells if the GV-1 is on or off, you can check your stick switch and on/off switch with this function to make sure you have everything set up right.

GVOF =Governor off setting this will turn the governor off after 95% throttle command is given allowing the the throttle to open all the way if necessary you can turn this function on or off here. You generally don't need to use this, but this could be used in conjunction with the max rpm function to test engine's etc.

VOLT = No settings, Displays voltage only when turned on however this does not seem to be very accurate I would still recommend using a voltmeter.

MD =
ATV = I know how to use the mixture functions but since not very many people do I will save the sore typing fingers for something else If you need help with the mixture servo send me an email.

B/FS =Battery failsafe, this can lower throttle to an idle or kill the engine in the event of a low battery ,Good Idea!!! just move the stick to an idle and set the position that you want your throttle to go to. I set mine to idle. You can turn this function on/off here.

B/FD = Set the throttle position here.

LMT = The GV-1 needs to know where your engine idles, full throttle, and stop....so tell it! Once your in this screen put your throttle stick to an idle press one of the data keys then it asks for full throttle do the same and finally the same with stop. I have found that the GV-1 will lower the throttle to far for hard 3-D flying what I've done to fix this is set my idle limit somewhere near 25% throttle or 1/4 stick this seems to to stop the "burping" when the engine is unloaded.

TST = No settings, can recheck your throttle limits here.

SEN = Gives the sensor output they say 60% in good enough it is very easy to just set it at the full 97%.


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